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It’s called happiness

The word “seedy” seems to have been created for a special kind of hotel, and the one in Athens definitely was one of them. For Raúl it was one more of a long series spanning many years, both before and … Continue reading

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Greta Garbo

– So what will you order? – I don’t know yet, said Lily, taking another look at the menu. The room was dark and very smoky, and there was a big Ajax banner hanging behind the bar. The music was … Continue reading

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There will be no fornicating in this house

Chiara is so patient. I mean I try hard to piss her off. No, it’s not that I try, I like her well enough and feel guilty every time I hurt her. I’m just a bit mad about La Paz. … Continue reading

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Anticuchos y Paceñas

El tipo este había llegado unos meses antes a la ciudad en los Andes, la gran ciudad con rascacielos y con cholas vendiendo productos argentinos y chilenos en las veredas, con ese aire fino y helado que impedía respirar, con … Continue reading

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Shut up already

– El Negro said to look for Villa Diamante, said around 2 am would be a good time. – So what are those things he left for you at the hotel? Tickets? – I don’t think it works that way, … Continue reading

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Un perro en una bolsa de consorcio, negra

-El perfume, la baranda, no saben lo que era; parecía que todos se habían vestido y perfumado para ir a la Biela o al Colón. Estaba con Laura, y Laura se pasó todo el tiempo con los walkman, ni los … Continue reading

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I, like everybody else, remember what I was doing the morning of 9/11/01. At the time the planes hit the towers, I was lazying around in bed, trying to figure out whether I would finally get up and get some … Continue reading

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