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La vida es sueño

The morning was spendid, sunny, bright. They drank the scene with their eyes as they walked: the canals, the houseboats, the children going to school, the tall, blond men and women riding bikes, the streetcars, the Arabs selling trinkets and … Continue reading

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Nipples, cherries

Lily sits at the window side and peeks out as the tram crosses Kiril i Metodiy, trods along Slivnitsa and turns on Opulchenska. Rulo, sitting next to her, pretends to be looking out too, every time she briefly turns her … Continue reading

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Biblioteca Nacional

– This is the old Biblioteca Nacional, National Library, building, Lily. Borges was Head Librarian here back in the day. A blind, old man. My mother always cherished the one time when she helped him cross the street, right at … Continue reading

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Broken bottles & love lost

– It’s decades later and it still bothers me. I’m not one of those, you know. Never hit a woman. I’ve been hit by women, but never hit back… – I’m not sure you were hitting me, as in really … Continue reading

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Finally, she smiles

I woke up before her, as usual. The cold was intense. The power had gone out sometime during the night, and the old apartment had all but icicles hanging from the ceiling. Shivering, I went to the breakers box and … Continue reading

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Loco mosquito

– Do you mind my coffee breath? – I don’t mind your coffee breath. Come here. Lily had to stand on the tips of her toes to kiss Rulo, and she made it a deep one, thrusting her tongue deep … Continue reading

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Endy story

That Sunday, over breakfast at the Bar Británico, Rulo told Lily that her birthday present would be having that old bastard Paez paint a portrait of her. They were supposed to be at his studio around 10 that sunny morning. … Continue reading

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