Loco mosquito

– Do you mind my coffee breath?

– I don’t mind your coffee breath. Come here.

Lily had to stand on the tips of her toes to kiss Rulo, and she made it a deep one, thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth, but not in a fast, aggressive fashion – she did it very slowly, exploring without any hurry, and indeed tasting the bitter coffee he’d been drinking. At the same time, she slipped her hands under his shirt and let them go to all her favorite places, his shoulders, chest hair and nipples.

– We should make sure the kids are asleep.

– I’ll check, Rulo.

She walked to the other end of the trailer home, past the very spare living room, and looked into their room. She smiled at the odd positions they had fallen asleep in, and tucked them in as good as she could. 2 AM already, she thought as she walked back to their room. In a few hours, Rulo would take them to Ft. Myers, then he’d be back at his grove in Immokalee to take her to the airport in Miami. She’d be in London in less than two days. After that, they would not be able to be together for who knows how long. The world was going crazy, fast. And they both had a duty to be there for their children, Carter in the case of Lily, Jack and Lisa for Rulo. Their exes, the other parents of these children, would not consider moving away from their current places of residence, and they expected them to be there and do their part in raising them. Rightly so, fair enough.

In a peaceful and prosperous world, that would mean, for Rulo and Lily, to be able to spend some time together maybe twice a year, as a sort of vacation. In a world where atomic bombs had been used in warfare for the first time since WWII, where there was a new declaration of war and a new bank run and a new riot and new travel restrictions every day, it could mean they’d never see each other again, or it could mean they’d be able to meet again only many years from now, if and when some sort of calm was restored.

– Como angelitos, like little angels, she said as she walked in, closed the door behind her and took off her jeans. She also unbuttoned her bra and removed it, without taking her top off, as the night was getting chilly and the heater was off. Rulo closed the laptop computer where he’d been reading and went to bed with her.

– Anything new?

– Well, casualty estimates in Tel Aviv are in the many thousands. Nobody can calculate what the situation in Iran is right now, but the toll could be in the millions. The millions, L, let that sink in. The Americans and Israelis are still flying bombing missions there, and CNN says that no less than a dozen nukes, along with many tons of conventional ordnance, have already been used against them.

– What’s Britain doing?

– Nothing, so far, except joining the EU and the US in declaring war to Iran, which was predictable. And protesting the attacks on her embassies in Lebanon and Egypt. Western countries are evacuating their personnel and tourists from all Arab and Muslim nations, and there’s riots going on in several capitals. The Saudis and Kuwaitis have been forced by their brother Muslim nations, not to mention by the Straits being on fire, to suspend any oil exports to the West…

– Which confirms what you were saying before, about petrol shortages… how much do you have stashed away?

– Never enough, Lily. Some. I’ll have to evaluate the situation, pool resources with neighbors, eventually maybe hunker down here for long periods of time without going anywhere. I’m prepared, I’ll be fine. The wild cards are China and Russia, and what they’ll do about this whole mess. A lot depends on that… WWIII, or a nasty but limited war between the West and the Arab world… let’s see what they do… if they stay out of it, there’s a chance things will eventually calm down… hey, you know what I was thinking, love?

– What?, said Lily, finding a comfortable position, head resting on his belly, feeling his warmth through the tshirt. She placed a hand on his shorts very casually and stretched her legs.

– That I really don’t know when I will see you again. It could be a very long time. It could depend on what some bureaucrat or military attache in Moscow or Shanghai decides to do, ha…

– Another decade.

– Yep. Who knows. I hope not.

– We made all our little plans, figured out every detail down to the times of year we’d meet where, had the Difficult Talks with our partners… heard the accusations, shed the tears, spent time explaining stuff to the little ones… how do these idiots dare start a war now?

– I know, L. And I’d still do it. The same thing. For just this one time together.

– You would?

– Yeah, I would, you know… yeah… seeing you again and all… damn!

– Are you crying?

– Or course not, silly. It’s this mosquito, it’s been bothering me for a while… did you see it? It… I think it got me in the eyeball, it may have punctured it… let me go get the mosquito coils, let me… umm…

– No, stay here. Don’t go anywhere.

Lily shook her hair from her face and kissed his cock very slowly. She then cupped the head of it with her mouth, and started taking him deeper, staring into his eyes the whole time. Far above the Everglades and the farms and fruit groves, fighter planes patrolled the skies, in a heightened state of alert, crisscrossing the skies in pairs, just like after 9/11, and their faint sonic booms, along with the wind rustling leaves outside and an owl hooting now and then, was all that was to be heard, besides Rulo’s breathing and Lily’s occasional moans and kisses.

– Lily… stop… I gotta come… please

– Oh? (kiss) Really? (lick) Well, that would be nice, wouldn’t it? (stroke and stroke and stroke) Go ahead then, mister (cupping balls that feel hard and tight, ready to explode, taking him into her mouth and hands and not minding it in the least when he comes in violent spurts, arching his back and stroking her head)

Later, after showers and a long conversation about the future, with the lights off before getting some shut-eye, pitch-black except for the pilot lights of the cell phone and laptop chargers, both cuddling in bed, under a couple of heavy blankets, and as he started to drift off into sleep, Rulo heard Lily’s voice:

– You know, there’s no mosquitos in this weather. I would have noticed, they always get me first. And in any case, going for an eyeball, and puncturing it, is unheard of, just so you know. I’d still do it, still would have done the same thing. I love you. Don’t say a word. Sleep tight.

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