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The goddess of Immokalee

by Santiago De Choch “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” Arthur C. Clarke 1- I’ll never go back to Florida: I’ll die here, in Patagonia. I was born in Florida. Grew up in the family farm. Joined the … Continue reading

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Facebook Follies

I used to be a conspiracy theorist. Now I am a realistic conspiracy theorist.  In my first incarnation, I resisted using Facebook (just like I had resisted email, ecommerce and the internet in general) out of privacy concerns. In the … Continue reading

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There’s something she does on Sunday mornings, so she jumped from her big bed this morning. I could have stayed there awhile, maybe pick up the VS Naipaul novel I had been reading the night before and peek at her … Continue reading

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It must have felt strange and shocking and disorienting for a few seconds, until he realized what had happened. Then, it felt worse. Fede couldn’t believe what had happened: Alejo had drenched him in kerosene, and was now lighting matches … Continue reading

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1 – No point being sentimental about it. Rock has done what he felt needed to be done, what he had told me he would do, and he’s gone. It’s sad that he’s not here anymore. But perhaps less sad than … Continue reading

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Why I garden

I was a city boy, not a country boy. I grew up in downtown Buenos Aires, a huge city of many million people, in an apartment building. I had a balcony in my room, a small balcony with iron railings, … Continue reading

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Santa Fe y Pueyrredón

Durante el útlimo año en la universidad, conseguí una pasantía en una agencia de recorte de noticias. Esos lugares que buscan referencias a sus clientes en los medios. Entraba en la oficina como a medianoche. Durante las primeras horas había … Continue reading

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