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There’s something she does on Sunday mornings, so she jumped from her big bed this morning. I could have stayed there awhile, maybe pick up the VS Naipaul novel I had been reading the night before and peek at her … Continue reading

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Rock the Casbah

I half close my eyes as I walk among mariachis in search of a gig, matrons shopping for groceries, stone-faced indians wearing huaraches -sandals- made of discarded tires, youngsters in Chicago Cubs shirts and caps, with only the faintest trace … Continue reading

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Otro intento fallido de retratar a Chiara

Me escribe Chiara, desde el norte de Italia, donde vive. Las cosas no están bien para ella, se separó de su marido hace un tiempo, el tipo le hace la vida imposible. No hay mucho trabajo, y no puede pensar … Continue reading

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Make it quick and scram

It would be nice to say Chiara and I were in love. We weren’t. But we laughed together a lot, and I loved her mind, her tits and her personality. She was this wild party girl, she really was. She … Continue reading

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Greta Garbo

– So what will you order? – I don’t know yet, said Lily, taking another look at the menu. The room was dark and very smoky, and there was a big Ajax banner hanging behind the bar. The music was … Continue reading

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There will be no fornicating in this house

Chiara is so patient. I mean I try hard to piss her off. No, it’s not that I try, I like her well enough and feel guilty every time I hurt her. I’m just a bit mad about La Paz. … Continue reading

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