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It must have felt strange and shocking and disorienting for a few seconds, until he realized what had happened. Then, it felt worse. Fede couldn’t believe what had happened: Alejo had drenched him in kerosene, and was now lighting matches … Continue reading

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London Calling

– The phone says California, but I know it ain’t… – Stop trying to sound American, Rulo… – I am American. I wonder why the phone thinks London is California. – A mystery – Indeed. How are you? – I’m … Continue reading

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Broken bottles & love lost

– It’s decades later and it still bothers me. I’m not one of those, you know. Never hit a woman. I’ve been hit by women, but never hit back… – I’m not sure you were hitting me, as in really … Continue reading

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Soft moans and the Requiem

Rulo took his eyes off the road ahead now and then, giving Lily a quick glance to try and get a sense of what she was thinking. She seemed a bit sad now that everything had been done and said … Continue reading

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Orwell and a whole potato

You know where in Britain, February, 2022 Dear Raúl, it’s been so long. You will probably never get this letter. I have to try anyway. Not for me – I’m too old, and the living hell of the last few … Continue reading

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The ambassadors

– Lily, you’re looking at “The Ambassadors” by Hans Holbein the younger, painted around 1530. It’s a powerful trip for me to be in front of it again. It was my grandpa’s favorite painting, and I was very obsessed with … Continue reading

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