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Soft moans and the Requiem

Rulo took his eyes off the road ahead now and then, giving Lily a quick glance to try and get a sense of what she was thinking. She seemed a bit sad now that everything had been done and said … Continue reading

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Something to read in the crapper

– Oh, look at that. Snowed in, we’re snowed in… – Oh yeah. And it looks like Vala and Oso are still inside the main house, too… – Let me go to the computer and check. Rulo got dressed, washed, … Continue reading

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Gibberish my arse!

– Dyma ‘ch oena – Niolch, said Lily, smiling to the big, blonde woman who had brought the dish of lamb with herbs and vegetables. – What did she say?, Rulo asked – I’ve no idea… – Well, what did … Continue reading

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About a blowjob

A flight from BA to Bariloche, the Land Cruiser waiting at the airport car rental office. Rulo doesn’t have a lot of experience driving in the snow. The car skids a bit on a steep downhill street that ends right … Continue reading

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