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1 – No point being sentimental about it. Rock has done what he felt needed to be done, what he had told me he would do, and he’s gone. It’s sad that he’s not here anymore. But perhaps less sad than … Continue reading

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Why I garden

I was a city boy, not a country boy. I grew up in downtown Buenos Aires, a huge city of many million people, in an apartment building. I had a balcony in my room, a small balcony with iron railings, … Continue reading

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On roosters and harems

Spring has only started, but the first, fat raindrops of summer hit the windshield as I drive back to my place. In this part of the world, we’re plunging into many months of hot, wet, muggy weather. Skeeters and no-see-ums … Continue reading

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Miami Vice

Socorro and Candela have left hours ago, but Rulo can’t sleep.He’s at the window, naked, absorbed in the lights of Miami at 4am. He doesn’t notice the streaks of blood across his back. The blood is dry, or drying. There’s … Continue reading

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What I know about Margaret

I don’t know much about her. A crazy guerrilla chef referred her to me somehow, and FB introductions were made. There I found out a bit about her gardening, and considered it first rate, and kinda forgot about it. Then, … Continue reading

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This can’t go on. But it does, somehow.

This can’t go on. Something’s got to give. I find myself uttering that, or similar, thoughts to myself, at random times. I’m sure there’s a connecting thread linking them, the moments that such thoughts appear, but most of the time … Continue reading

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Una porno

Mi ex dice que es porque me estoy poniendo viejo o algo así. Que necesito cogerme a todas estas mujeres para hacerme sentir un hombre otra vez. No sé, quizás tenga razón. No me siento tan viejo. Un poco, sí. … Continue reading

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