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La vida es sueño

The morning was spendid, sunny, bright. They drank the scene with their eyes as they walked: the canals, the houseboats, the children going to school, the tall, blond men and women riding bikes, the streetcars, the Arabs selling trinkets and … Continue reading

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Loco mosquito

– Do you mind my coffee breath? – I don’t mind your coffee breath. Come here. Lily had to stand on the tips of her toes to kiss Rulo, and she made it a deep one, thrusting her tongue deep … Continue reading

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Endy story

That Sunday, over breakfast at the Bar Británico, Rulo told Lily that her birthday present would be having that old bastard Paez paint a portrait of her. They were supposed to be at his studio around 10 that sunny morning. … Continue reading

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Furnace-hot 400 meter-per-second blast

So Iran finally lost it and threw a tantrum. A bad one, sinking several US and British ships in the Straits of Hormuz. Lobbing a couple nukes at Israel – turns out they were working on them the whole time, … Continue reading

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LSD, Rothmans, cuts and bruises

The kids in the halls and the pipes in the walls// Make me noises for company// Long distance callers make long distance calls// And the silence makes me lonely Lost in the Supermarket (Strummer/Jones) The night in Tel Aviv is … Continue reading

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It’s called happiness

The word “seedy” seems to have been created for a special kind of hotel, and the one in Athens definitely was one of them. For Raúl it was one more of a long series spanning many years, both before and … Continue reading

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